Moore Stephens Nathans and ILCU Foundation Announce Strategic Partnership to Advance Overseas Credit Union Movements

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Dublin, 28th September 2015 – ILCU Foundation to benefit from shared expertise

This week one of Ireland’s top accountancy firms, Moore Stephens Nathans and the Irish League of Credit Unions Foundation announced a strategic partnership which will see the ILCU Foundation benefit from the firm’s knowledge of credit unions. The move by Moore Stephens Nathans to partner with ILCU Foundation is part of the firm’s corporate social responsibility programme to help to develop other credit union systems in low income countries. An essential element of this partnership is that Moore Stephens Nathans has provided funding for staff of overseas movements to visit Ireland for training opportunities and visit a number of Irish credit unions.Brian Hayes, partner with Moore Stephens Nathans and Alan Moore, General Manager of the ILCU Foundation pictured announcing the strategic partnership.

Speaking about the announcement, Brian Hayes, partner with Moore Stephens Nathans, said: “This is an excellent opportunity for us to contribute to the development of credit unions overseas. The legal and regulatory environment of Irish credit unions has changed immensely over the past 5 years. We have a large team of skilled professionals who have successfully advised our many credit union clients through this transition. It is highly rewarding for us to be able to share our skills with credit union delegates from low income countries, where the skills shared by our team can be put to a productive and provident use. The credit union movement provides for the socio-economic needs of millions of people around the world and impacts peoples’ lives in a profound way. We are privileged to be able to contribute to the movement in this manner. In addition, the delegates add diversity to our work-force, thus enhancing our workplace environment and enabling our staff to gain broader economic, social and cultural contexts”.

Alan Moore, General Manager of the Irish League of Credit Unions Foundation, concluded by saying: “With the support of Moore Stephens Nathans and our partner credit unions across the country we can continue our vital work in providing sustainable and viable credit unions in some of the world’s most disadvantaged countries. For example, poor people can obtain small loans to develop their farms and buy equipment such as water pumps, or to pay for school fees to provide education for their children through their local credit union. We look forward to developing a long-term partnership with Moore Stephens Nathans and we thank them for providing us with funding and high quality training and advice.”