Credit Unions’ & ILCU Foundation React to Global Refugee Crisis

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Dublin, 28th September 2015 – Support geared towards unaccompanied minors affected by the emergency situation

The Irish League of Credit Unions Foundation and credit unions across the country have recently announced that they will support the needs of unaccompanied minors and families with children by providing them with food, water and first medical aid as they reach Milan, Spain.

A donation of up to €25,000 has been committed to help children who have lost parents and guardians as they arrive in Milan Central Station; the ILCU Foundation has partnered with Plan International Ireland who have established a HUB in the station to provide aid to the influx of migrants and refugees.

A young mother with a child speaks with a first responder outside Milan Central Station.

The generous donation will help to bolster the recovery efforts by supplying and distributing 1,600 emergency kits to unaccompanied refugee minors who are fleeing from insecurity and conflict in Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan and the Sub Sahara.

Speaking about the announcement, Alan Moore, General Manager of the ILCU Foundation, said: “This donation on behalf of credit unions and their members’ will contribute to the ongoing recovery efforts. Ordinary people like you and I are continuing to make the treacherous passage from North Africa in search of hope and a safe place to live, we wish to restore the dignity of these people as they arrive in mainland Europe. The ILCU Foundation welcomes the Governments decision recently to provide a safe haven for the refugees and migrants in Ireland. Our main focus is to provide sustainable credit unions in developing countries, but we couldn’t stand by and watch this tragedy unfold without providing some sort of support. We would like to thank our partner credit unions and their members’ for their continuous contributions to our work, for without it we would not have been able to respond to this crisis.”